Sam Gaadi
Sam GaadiPresident and Chief Executive Officer | Banner Pilot | Instrument Flight Instructor
Founder, and owner of Aerial Beacon; Sam looks forward to working everyday with businesses and individuals broadcasting their messages high above the city for all to see, and his flight training students. He enjoys doing this so much that every day is like a vacation for him. The satisfaction of all those he works with are an absolute priority, and their success brings him indescribable joy.

Phone: +1 (510) 356-3944

Certificates and Ratings: CFII / Airline Transport Pilot / Instrument / Multi-Engine / Banners

Ronald Sieblo-Tibet
Ronald Sieblo-TibetAccount and Business Manager
Ronald focuses on the individual business needs of Aerial Beacon and our many valued clients. He has been working with Aerial Beacon for some time now, and always brings a passion and desire to businesses that are looking for new marketing and advertising avenues.

Phone: +1 (510) 356-3944

Tessy Akem
Tessy AkemAccount Manager
Tessy has a passion for travel, so working with aviation has been a natural choice. Interacting with a wide variety of businesses and individuals, Tessy helps add the extra touch to our Aerial Beacon flow. She is always up for a new challenge, and can’t wait to help out.

Phone: +1 (510) 356-3944

Terance Henderson
Terance HendersonArt and Graphics Director
Exposed to aviation at a young age, being at an airport is like a kid in a candy store for Terance Henderson. A private pilot and a experienced graphic and advertising designer for over 20 years, is Art Director for Aerial Beacon, and enjoying the best of two worlds.

Phone: +1 (510) 978-0981

Certificates and Ratings: Private Pilot


Jeff V.

Airline Transport Pilot

“I just met Sam here walking around the airport. Sam has been very thorough in explaining stuff. He’s not only training you for your private pilot’s license, for ratings; he’s preparing you for your airline career someday. He goes a step beyond just teaching the bare minimums. He goes into extra details to prepare you for your next stage. He’s very thorough. It’s just been fun working with Sam. “

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